Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Today I have discovered the cure
For any and all disease
The world is at my feet
I does with it what I please

Today I understood 
Without really having to think
And in that precious moment
My shallow heart sank.

I learned a few new things today
I'll repeat them for you now
The element of all our suffering 
Is our insatiable alimentary canal. 

I graduated today,
All the world is bliss,
And the only reason I came here
Was for lusts carnal kiss

Today I saved a life 
She thanked me through and through
She thanked me while I lay her down
And made her some hot stew.

Today I wrote a song
Published it, and sang
Today I am a millionaire 
This evening I will hang

Now as the sun sets on this day
And my mind, she settles down 
I begin to think of all the things I've done
And I remove my shiny crown.

Today I was all these things
If only on this stage
And the only constant ringing thing
Is my everlasting rage.

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