Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Moment

The sky was awake with the rolling avalanche of cloud
Its heart was felt beating, echoing endlessly 
The whipping winds stood still, fearfull of its master.
Every plant from mighty tree to bush down to the smallest seedling lifted itself higher
Praising the coming torrent
The landscape, once blistering with dragonflies, robins, deer, and rabbits 
Was now lanced and barren.
In a single moment the world took a in great breath and cast itself into battle.

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Soldier

The soldier marches in the rain
hurrah hurrah
He plays his patriotic game
hurrah hurrah
The bullets burst, the colonels curse
The nurses and medics all fear for the worst
And he'll never be the same.

The soldier marches in the rain
hurrah hurrah
There is no drug to ease his pain
hurrah hurrah
A thunder clap, an endless shout
He closes his eyes but still can't get out
And he'll never sleep again

The soldier marches in the rain
hurrah hurrah
The end is drawing near for him
hurrah hurrah
The words are wrote, the triggers released
Maybe now he'll find his peace.
And we'll never know his name.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Draughtsman's Tune

As I keep going by
I make vibrations in the sky
the needles plucking clear
stringing tunes for all to hear
As I keep going by
The gentle chirping lullabye
begins to slow now at the pass
where each note could be my last
As I keep going by
the thrill is gone now by and by
straining hard to hit each key
damn friction, gravity
As I keep going by

Without Loss of Generality

I love you, ok?
Even when my message is unclear
when my hair is unkempt and my mind
has wandered very far away,
I love you.
There you are, always in my thoughts
taking hours out of my day
blissfully chattering while I work.
We can fight for hours it seems
without moving our lips.
Here, there, then, never
Its easier this way.
But you dislike it,
This bubbled relationship.
Where I float around and you
keep so firmly grasped ready to pounce
on any wind that may come our way.
You put up with
because you love me, ok?