Saturday, May 30, 2015

The beginning

Where are the songs
Where are the protests
Why is there no empathy?

Killed for a cause 
Murdered for a purpose
there is no life without the
constant dreaded view of death
floating above 
scanning, deciding, devising 
from a terminal 13 worlds away
dots. pixels. photos moving without reason
kill them.

your toilet paper has more layers than your soul
the ocean may wash away the blood 
but it cant erase the life that you took

Sunday, May 10, 2015


It's alright baby please don't cry
It's just the rain and mothers lullaby.
The thunders passing the lightning too
The sky is clearing and daddy loves you.
Drops of rain drip from the trees
Onto the roofs and bring the steam
The song is carried by the birds
Reminding us to not forgot our silly words
Our outer-space tales seem closer for now
The dew on the grass mach the stars on the clouds
So close your eyes, drift away 
Tomorrows coming, and its our day.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

So Humble

Death is a semi-sweet verse
Enshrined with a tombstone and hearse 
Loud is their praise
And tears for to raise
But they all really know your the worst

Friday, May 8, 2015


There's always someone with something more to say
I've always felt it better not to get in his way
Let him speed on ahead
Life's too fast to get caught up in something
So annoying.

Friday Nights

Riders piled high
Reckless racing midnight sky
Red embers, cool smoke

Thursday, May 7, 2015


There are no words to express the true meaning of what i am
Because here they are my fingers placid in the grey warm of your spittal
Let me adorn your majestic sapphire crown of corded glory
Oh you sweet apathetic fool
How i envy your ignorance
Your stupid smile
The way you are able to laugh along
how empty your mind must be
Im drowning 
Some long lost lampoon on the sodomites shore
where am i going 
which directions the door
Some kind of inspirational video is playing somewhere far off
Telling people how they can be the best if only for another payment
Is it not enough that I've given my life to this school, this job, this place!?
Somewhere far off a koala gnaws relentlessly on a leaf
some leaf they say takes your mind away from the gnawing teeth of the bored
I can seek no such satisfaction
It's too easy
bastard koala
Gladly we walk to the edge of any cliff never fearing the impending fall
Its too risky not to be on that cliff, for if we fell, well, we'd surely fall
There they are with so many words and so many sheets unrefined, mocking us
Your airplane mind always seems so focused on timezones
How can it be comforting to wake up in Berlin and walk to Chicago?
Your fingers look like fixtures, built into place, too fragile to move
I will scrape them down and finish them
Maybe that will make it better
Stop that incessant clawing at my eyelids
Let me sleep
Don't take my covers. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The First Signs of Spring

The streets are erupting with parades
and pavilions and parasols and him-haws
about how dreary the winter was
Oh and lets not forget the alcohol
Bring on the sweet sticky sweat of summer
The hum of a thousand air conditioners 
turning on at once
Dogs barking, children playing, 
the rosie reenactments of war
socials, bar b ques, swimming pools
They march on like ants
Relentless and unswayed
by the yellowed world around them
Seeking sugar and something special
It's death to you winter
and time for a new world. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Second Love

This time, forever.
Like the wind, we dance all night
Hopeless and alone.