Friday, October 28, 2016

Show off

Watch me! Watch me!
Wherever i go,
see me laugh
see me eat
see me sad 
see me? no.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Where have you gone
what are you doing
and how could my fledgling be here
where the rocks never cease their thrashing
and Edith with golden hair
they are the thunder
crashing down my staircase
screaming of love divine
where books never need of mending
from my armchair on the Rhine
I can tolerate the spending
obfuscate the wind
but of my heart and love unending
you last I have made my friend.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Sleeping in

I just can't do it
You're out of my reach
Their calling for rain
I'm comfortable
It's too cold
I'm not hungry
Please shut up

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Creatures Hum

Mr Whiskers takes a walk
and talks a kind of funny talk
to himself so no one hears
about himself and all his fears
He walks until he stops to tie
the shoestring flopping side to side
to find his toenails haven't stretched 
since his last walk with the Elephant

Mr Elephant sings his songs
though no one ever sings along
and no one ever writes him back
or cares about his aching back
but that won't stop him from resending
that won't stop his heart from mending
or the necks that he'll be bending 
when the Crocodile comes a trilling

Mr Croc devours his snacks
Chews barbed wire just like that
scares the children with his tail
Gets locked up and then makes bail
But hes sensitive and kind the most
to him without a spine to boast
For his friend his heart would give the most
The slimey, snotty Snail

Mr Snail runs his brigade
without a snivel or charade
commanding creatures far and wide
to march along his noble side
Yet before he goes to sleep each night
before the last flicker of his light
he checks the corners, checks the halls
for signs of salt and know-it-alls.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Mountain Morning

Travelled footsteps parade the path
Soaked to the bone with dew
The cloudlit serenade of tumbling stones
Reveal the fresh warm earth
Untouched since last sun.
Swelling tides of heavy air
Nudge the mountain closer to the feet
The sun breaks the ghost haze
Taking back the water it gave in absence.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Some Ship

A thousand miles on a midnight cruise
My lover, my wife, and my windswept muse.
They conjure the the eager
The youthful, naive,
Spirit I've sold to some liquid dream

Where one helps me write
The other slowly shreds
The filaments of my mind
The loving daily dread.

This ship it sails
Unabashed through every storm
Showing not on the bow
The wretched words which scorn.


She looked at me
I took her hand
In one moment, forever,
We were the sand.
Warm and drowsy 
Lapping the land
Consumed by water
An endless stand
Against lovers forgiven
and moments lost
For time remembered
For lives cost
Until at last
you were caught 
By lead and hatred
and meaningless loss.

Friday, May 20, 2016

To thine own Self

You don't need to lose your mind to find yourself. 
Thin, the castle walls that fall won't reveal some
Notch upon the shelf.  Breaching, shadowed, seldom
worn, coughing, spitting, hollowed, torn words embraced
by soldiered breath wraught your eagled burdened breadth,
Can't be used to self describe. For the patient shallow stride
of the ghost by summers morn in the dew and down reborn,
the distraught valleys of your spine the gaunt and feeble
mallow mind, feeding forlourn naive crypts buried. Hidden
tomb unspent. Named forgotten 
minds relent is all corroded, cyanide beseeched unloaded 
 by the tide washing, wailing whales upended, seeking 
names though names unended can never relish
in the the splendor of one who's found themself.

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Relentless

You are the spring
The flower
the blossom
you grow and bloom
like everything
you are my summer night
lit smile by candle light
the perfect blend of oak and pine
june bug pants
ice cream shorts
heart a patch over mine

Saturday, March 26, 2016


There you are
Still smiling
Even in slumber
Metling my heart

Friday, March 25, 2016


Guided thoughts,
Repeated words,
Endless time got me here.
Rosy, fast-moving glints
Of mellowed nostalgia,
Best left discarded,
Remain somehow
After all this rain.
It's there, a faint film
Right around the edges
That just can't seem to be cleaned off,
It's comforting.
A slow sip
Marking the end of a long week.
A train somewhere
Out in the impenetrable night,
Calming us.
But like all experiences
We are left marred 
More imperfect than before
More human.

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Broken apart 
Like a cloud in the wind,
When the crowd chants for more
The glass life begins.

The sand-torn corners
Where those monsters did hide
Are now burnt by the sun
And beaten by the tide.

That stammering voice
Spilling out of your lips
Is now amplified, eternally,
For clowns and critics.

Traded for solace 
The waves never stop
That lonesome lighthouse 
A new tourist spot. 

It's the life that you've chosen
You mustn't complain,
For you may sink and drown in it
Turning back into rain.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


She left the iron on again
Why can't she just pick up the damn clothes
Why is our account at 0
Does she really have to take this call
Where did she put my shit
I was watching that
Is she fucking kidding me
She ate the last cookie
Who taught her how to drive
Did she unplug my phone
100 bucks for a shirt
She's going to want wine with dinner
Good thing I married her

Friday, March 11, 2016

Paramount Post-Punk

And this is exactly where you thought you'd be
Lost, wandering, liveing free.
Taking no shits, and giving no fucks
Getting by on pure bad luck.
Just like you always wanted.
Yeah, you're doing alright.
Now pull your pants up,
Wipe yourself off,
Put on your uniform,
Go back to work.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


And where will you go,
So early in the morning,
Before the grass wets
and there's still a hint of yesterdays warmth?
Just let me know,
because I'd really like to be there.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Moment

The sky was awake with the rolling avalanche of cloud
Its heart was felt beating, echoing endlessly 
The whipping winds stood still, fearfull of its master.
Every plant from mighty tree to bush down to the smallest seedling lifted itself higher
Praising the coming torrent
The landscape, once blistering with dragonflies, robins, deer, and rabbits 
Was now lanced and barren.
In a single moment the world took a in great breath and cast itself into battle.

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Soldier

The soldier marches in the rain
hurrah hurrah
He plays his patriotic game
hurrah hurrah
The bullets burst, the colonels curse
The nurses and medics all fear for the worst
And he'll never be the same.

The soldier marches in the rain
hurrah hurrah
There is no drug to ease his pain
hurrah hurrah
A thunder clap, an endless shout
He closes his eyes but still can't get out
And he'll never sleep again

The soldier marches in the rain
hurrah hurrah
The end is drawing near for him
hurrah hurrah
The words are wrote, the triggers released
Maybe now he'll find his peace.
And we'll never know his name.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Draughtsman's Tune

As I keep going by
I make vibrations in the sky
the needles plucking clear
stringing tunes for all to hear
As I keep going by
The gentle chirping lullabye
begins to slow now at the pass
where each note could be my last
As I keep going by
the thrill is gone now by and by
straining hard to hit each key
damn friction, gravity
As I keep going by

Without Loss of Generality

I love you, ok?
Even when my message is unclear
when my hair is unkempt and my mind
has wandered very far away,
I love you.
There you are, always in my thoughts
taking hours out of my day
blissfully chattering while I work.
We can fight for hours it seems
without moving our lips.
Here, there, then, never
Its easier this way.
But you dislike it,
This bubbled relationship.
Where I float around and you
keep so firmly grasped ready to pounce
on any wind that may come our way.
You put up with
because you love me, ok?