Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Creatures Hum

Mr Whiskers takes a walk
and talks a kind of funny talk
to himself so no one hears
about himself and all his fears
He walks until he stops to tie
the shoestring flopping side to side
to find his toenails haven't stretched 
since his last walk with the Elephant

Mr Elephant sings his songs
though no one ever sings along
and no one ever writes him back
or cares about his aching back
but that won't stop him from resending
that won't stop his heart from mending
or the necks that he'll be bending 
when the Crocodile comes a trilling

Mr Croc devours his snacks
Chews barbed wire just like that
scares the children with his tail
Gets locked up and then makes bail
But hes sensitive and kind the most
to him without a spine to boast
For his friend his heart would give the most
The slimey, snotty Snail

Mr Snail runs his brigade
without a snivel or charade
commanding creatures far and wide
to march along his noble side
Yet before he goes to sleep each night
before the last flicker of his light
he checks the corners, checks the halls
for signs of salt and know-it-alls.

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