Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Of Bones and Brains!

Of Bones and Brains:
We dont say touch
When coming inside.
We dont play games
Eat figs
Or Hide
The masters wishes
Are often Aloof
And many wicked playmates
In a flash go poof!
Our undies are under
The thunderous clout
Of a gigantic
Rectal spout.
The gardens!
They are lovely.
In the feathery spring
The roses,
The moses
Those vaginal things.
Oh to sniff
But a whiff
Of rosey delight
My pants, perchance
In a moment take flight!

The creaking
And Squeaking
And Leaking
Those humps
Those bumps
Make a grown man snore.
That brittle little body
Full of sawdust and paper
If I were her mother
At her birth I would SHAKE HER
Salt covered heirlooms
Are all she has left
Of a once wondrous mind
That maybe time had theft.
Poor little ragged
muffin mouthed mouse
If only just once
She had left her small house.
To see the world
Wasnt as bad
As IT seemed
The busties and rusties and musties
They gleam!
Dishes are done
By poor immigrants
Who live in shackles
And huddle in tents.
Poor Lenore
Poor poor Lenore
How rich and wise
You never were.

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